Who am I?

Unfortunately for me, it’s hard to make a living out of maintaining a website on energy and climate change.  Besides, even if I have spent a significant time writing the pages you will find on this blog, it’s not enough, either, to occupy all the time I am awake in a lifetime. I therefore have a couple of other activities on the side, that are mentionned below.

Climate change & Energy consultant

Things that fill up my fridge

Things that sometimes (not always!) fill up my fridge

Things that rather empty my fridge (but I like it)

Old timer

I do care a little for future generations, for the good reason that I have contributed (twice) to increasing their numbers.

Among other things, it helps to remain modest when trying to explain something which is not obvious. One day, my oldest daughter asked me how “the first human being appeared on Earth”. Common kid question, of course. I tried to explain to her how species progressively evolve, and how humans originated from some kind of apes.

The following drawing is my daughter’s very personnal understanding of what I tried to explain: the Jancovici family is in the process of transforming from ape to human, but has not completely finished to do so!

The evolutionary theory according to Marion (5 years old then).

When I have some time left…

When I was (very) young…


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